10 MC 8004 
Yellville, AR 72687

Phone 870.656.8870
for Ron Dana, Asst. Fire Chief

911 for Emergencies

To Recent Residents 

Welcome to the beautiful Ozarks!  Should you have any emergency, phone 911.  Let the dispatcher know the nature of your emergency and that you live in Marion County, Arkansas.  They will contact our VFD.  A 911 call from your cell phone might reach Marion County, Missouri.

If you haven't been in touch with anyone from the Pine Mountain, VFD, this website might have some other information you want.  Just scan each page to see what's there.

Note that this year's newsletter is available for viewing.  It contains all kinds of information about our VFD.  Look also at the Latest News page and the Notices page.  Both are good sources of information.  And you can read the Minutes of the Board of Directors for the last four quarters.  The minutes will give you an idea of the issues confronting our VFD, its financial standing, the number and type of fire and EMR calls since the previous Board meeting and other information.

But be aware of one very important fact:  The operation of this organization depends entirely on volunteers.  There is no paid staff to do anything.  Whether the task is big or small, someone has volunteered their time and effort to do it.  In fact, this notice has been prepared and posted by a volunteer.  So if you think of something more that our VFD should do, please volunteer to take on the task.  Together, we can make certain that the PMVFD provides the best possible services to our community.

Fighter/Emergency Medical Responder Trainings

All firefighters and EMR volunteers go through monthly trainings to keep them up to date on fire safety and first responder safety skills. Check the Calendar of Events for times and locations.

Welcome to the OFFICIAL PMVFD website.

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The Pine Mountain Volunteer Fire Department (PMVFD) district is a rural, heavily forested area in the Ozark Mountains of Arkansas and serves an area of about 36 square miles.  There are approximately 240 homes with a population of 500. 

This rugged terrain is accessed by two winding roads, only one of which is paved.  Both roads have several steep grades.  The PMVFD district is approximately 85% forest with no industrial activity.  It is bordered on three sides by Bull Shoals Lake which is controlled by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. 

Residents of this district are primarily senior citizens, retirees or persons engaged in small agricultural activities.  The annual membership fee is currently $50 per household and is not sufficient to cover all operating expenses.  Consequently, the PMVFD is always in need of other financial assistance.  The Forestry Department has been an important source of fire trucks and other equipment at minimal cost. 

See the "Latest News" and "Calendar of Events" pages to learn more about PMVFD activites.

If you would like to provide feedback on this website, go to the "Contact Us" page. We welcome all comments and suggestions.