10 MC 8004 
Yellville, AR 72687

Phone 870.656.8870
for Ron Dana, Asst. Fire Chief

911 for Emergencies

Latest News

Red Cross Training Center

Thanks to Mary Beauchamp, the PMVFD is now a Red Cross Training Center.  Mary has an Emergency Medical Response Instructor Certificate and needs to be affiliated with a training center.  There is no cost other than certification for training similar to Basic Life Support training.  The Board approved this affiliation unanimously.

Recent Chili Supper and upcoming Gumbo Dinner
On Saturday, October 15th, the PMVFD hosted a community Chili Supper.  This was the second event held at our VFD since COVID struck the nation over two years ago.  It was awesome to see the community get together once again.

About 131 VFD members and guests attended to enjoy the chili and all of the fixings.  The dinner generated $1,010 for the VFD.  Ken Wilson donated his time to play live music.  Boot donations were $72.  The event also included the raffle of many delightful desserts which added an additional $333 to help fund the VFD.  

Organizers of the event, Chris Lavine, Melissa Costa and Carole Peterson, thank the incredible volunteers for their help and service.

The next event is the Gumbo Dinner which will take place on February 18th.

Changes at Station 1
There have been some changes at Station 1 in the past few months:

First, internet connectivity has been moved from Station 1 to the Training and Events Center where it is more needed.  In fact, Mary Beauchamp, has already held four sessions to qualify VFD members in CPR.  That brought the total to 18.  Internet connectivity is necessary for this training.

Any resident within the PMVFD fire district can take the CPR course at no cost, however, if a person completing the course wants to have a certification card from the American Heart Association, it will cost $6.  Please contact Mary (314-223-0231) for details.

Second, new gutters and downspouts have been installed.  The old, sagging gutters and the missing downspouts have been replaced with larger pieces to keep rainwater away from the foundation.

Third, two loads of gravel have been added to the lot across from Station 1.  Firefighter training  and parking will be much more pleasant without having to contend with mud .

Fourth, an extractor (special washer) has been installed in Station 1 to wash firefighter, contaminated gear.  The PMVFD now meets mandatory requirements to have this equipment.

Book Exchange
The PMVFD Book Exchange is under new management.  Jewel Hatcher has volunteered to monitor the bookcase at the Training and Events Center.  She wants you to know that there are NY Times Bestsellers from Jason Bourne novels, Johansson sci-fi, Sanford's "Golden Prey" mystery, and everything in between.  Take 2 or 3 and leave 2 or 3.  Books will be updated bi-weekly.  If you have questions, text or phone Jewel at 706-476-4470.  Happy reading!

Election of Board Members
Four PMVFD members were elected to the Board of Directors at the October 19, 2021 Members' Meeting.  They were Jennifer Golightly, Geri Parr, John Parr and Mary Beauchamp.
Roadside Cleanup
On Saturday, March 25, the Pine Mountain Volunteer Fire Department, in partnership with the Keep Arkansas Beautiful program, the North Central Arkansas Master Naturalists, and many citizens of our community, will sponsored the 2022 Roadside Cleanup.  This event removed litter from about forty miles of roadsides in our community.
We live in a beautiful place. Working together, we will keep it that way.

Chris Lavine, Coordinator of the 2022 Roadside Cleanup.

Blue&You Grant
For the third time in six years, our VFD received a $1,000 mini-grant from the Blue&You Foundation.  This time the grant was for the purchase of badly needed emergency medical supplies.  We now have emergency trauma bags in our primary firefighting vehicles.  In our rescue vehicle, we now have a large emergency medical service bag and an emergency burn kit.  And we have purchased medical kits to equip new EMR volunteers. 

This grant has substantially improved our ability to respond to emergency medical situations.

Minutes of Board Meetings

Minutes of the most recent four quarterly Board meetings are now posted on this website.  Minutes for the last meeting are unofficial until until they are approved at the following Board meeting.  You can request an unofficial copy from the Secretary or Treasurer if you wish.